Case: Death by Government Contract Averted

Situation: Company was suffering financially due to a large contract with a government agency that was producing negative Operating Income. Normally, any change in reimbursement would necessitate reopening the contract to a competitive bid.

Resolution: Veltri entered into successful negotiations and demonstrated to the agency that only this company’s organization was structured and equipped to carry out the terms of the contract. The requirements of the contract were eased, the reimbursement increased to produce positive seven figure Operating Income and the term extended without bid for an additional thirty months.

Case: Out From Under Stunted Growth

Situation: Company was both stymied in its growth and limited by long standing tradition to one segment of possible market with a 90% concentration of business in that segment.

Resolution: Veltri identified the problem and initiated a campaign to diversify business concentration. We identified a new market segment, developed programs to meet that segment’s needs, trained the staff to understand how to operate in that segment, and successfully rolled out the programs to the marketplace. Within one year, the business had grown and the concentration of business in the new market segment had grown from 10% to 50%.

Case: Restored After Talent Hemorrhage

Situation: Veltri assumed leadership of a recently purchased organization whose prior ownership had circumvented their covenants, and successfully raided both the employee and customer base taking a significant toll on both.

Resolution: Veltri moved quickly, first to shore up the retention of remaining customers and employees. This was achieved through powerful personal commitments to both, and leveraging the reputation of Veltri to restore confidence in the wounded organization. Veltri combined the traditional strengths of the company with new procedures and technology. Within three years, the organization retained and rehired long term employees, had more than regrown its business base and was achieving revenue and Operating Income numbers far in excess of what had been previously earned.

Case: 90-Day Resuscitation From Reimbursement Reduction

Situation: Veltri assumed leadership of a company that was both stagnant and faced with a large industry wide government reimbursement reduction that would reduce Operating Income by 25%.

Resolution: Within 90 days of assuming control, Veltri completely revitalized the structure, eliminated several layers of management and streamlined the organization. This was accomplished without impacting operations or the customer base. As a result, the company began to operate more efficiently, the reimbursement reduction was more than absorbed and Operating Income increased over prior years.